Minton Circa 1830 - 1860 Blue Transferware Meat Drainer Staffordshire Mezzanine Chinese Sprigs


Brand Minton

Antique Blue & White Staffordshire Meat Drainer

Attributed to Minton, one of the world's best known Staffordshire potters. Circa 1830-60

Chinese Sprigs

From the early 19th century, most dinner sets included a drainer, or mezzanine as they are often called, which was flat and had a hole in the center, with smaller holes all around it. This drainer would fit inside a large serving dish and would have been used when serving meat, particularly fish, to drain the juices.

Measures: 12" x 8 3/4"

Condition:  Excellent for age, no chips or cracks, minimal, light browning, some surface wear and fine crazing

Marked on back as shown:  A cartouche with flowers and scrolls in blue transfer print reads "Chinese Sprigs" and impressed marks include the initials B B (attributed to Minton) New Stone 16 and another numeral or letter that I cannot make out.

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