Large 20" Original Hand Painted Oil Havanese Puppy Dog Artist Signed Painting


Brand Unknown

Original, larger highly detailed and realistic hand painted and signed oil painting in Old World Style of a precious little Havanese puppy.  Don't you want to just pick it up and snuggle? 

The nickname "Havana Silk Dog" perfectly fits the Havanese, with his fluffy, long and silky coat. This small breed, the National Dog of Cuba, is not only friendly and outgoing, but he's a loyal watchdog for his family.

This is not a print, it is 100% hand painted oil painting on canvas board.

This painting does not come with any hangers. This painting requires a standard wall picture frame or set unframed on an easel, mantle, etc for display.

This oil painting was done using the finest quality of oil colors. It is sealed with a medium gloss varnish.

Perfect for English Country Style decor!

Measures: 16" x 20" x 5/8" thick 

Condition: New and UNframed, 2nd photo shows a frame just to give an idea of how it looks framed