12” Pink / Red Transferware English Santa Clause Toile Poinsettia tabletop figure


Brand Nancy's Daily Dish

I absolutely love this gentle faced Santa figure.  I bought myself one and a few others at a local estate sale.  He is ceramic and is decorated in a pinkish/red poinsettia transfer motif’ wrapping all the way around his long cloak and collars.  He is carrying a small flocked bottle brush type of Christmas tree in one hand and a hanging ceramic stocking tied with a satin ribbon in the other.  He has green gloves and a wreath of green holly leaves and berries around his cap and a gold tasseled rope tied around his waist.  Produced in a limited edition in 2013 for Hallmark as one of a series of Santa’s from around the Workd…he is representative of England…perfect for all us Anglophiles, Transferware lovers or anyone needing a touch of Santa in their holiday decor.  

Measures 12” tall

Condition: Unused new old stock