Purple Transferware Plate Embossed Border Going to Church Historical Pilgrim


Brand Crown Ducal

Crown Ducal
Colonial Times
Going to Church
Circa 1930

For consideration is this highly collectible, historical Staffordshire square shaped plate depicting a winter scene of 17th century Puritan settlers of New England making their way through the woods to church.

 "The winter scene depicts the 17th century Puritan settlers of New England (later identified specifically as the Pilgrim Fathers) as a small armed group of somberly clad, God-fearing souls making their way from right to left through a snowy, recently cleared wood to a house of worship (a small building visible in the left background). A minister and his wife lead about a half dozen women and children towards the church and are themselves led and flanked by grim looking men with muskets. The influence of the peasant procession paintings of French artist Jules Bastien LePage (1848-1884) is evident. The outer molding of the present frame is thought to be of American manufacture, while the inner liner is English, and incorporates a rosette motif found on the frames of paintings by the Pre-Raphaelite artists."


Pilgrims Going To Church (1867) — originally The Early Puritans of New England Going to Church — is a celebrated and much reproduced painting byAnglo-American painter George Henry Boughton (1833–1905).

Measures: appx 10"

Condition: No chips or cracks, crazing is present