Purple Transferware Plate Scottish Stag Hunt Scene


Brand Adams

This plate dates to 1830 - 40 and was made by Adams.  The pattern on this plate is called Caledonia (Scotland).   Caledonia is the Latin name given to the land in today's Scotland, by the Romans.  The pattern depicts Scottish highlanders in full, ancient kilt dress engaged in stag hunting.

The Adams' family potteries can be traced to as early as 1447!  Officially, they were established in 1657 and rose to great prominence during the 18th century as Master Potters in Burslem and other parts of the North Staffordshire area.  As pioneers of the trade, the earliest generations of the Adams family helped pave the way for some of the worlds best known potters such as Thomas Wieldon, Josiah Wedgwood, Josiah Spode, Thomas Minton and more of the well known Adams family of potters.   They worked side by side with many potters' families, including the Wedgwoods, and intermarried with many of them.  

Measures: 8"
Condition: No chips or cracks. There is only minor crazing, commensurate to age