RARE 1851 F R Pratt Transfer Ware Hops Queen Plate Malachite Green Marble Border


Brand Pratt

Staffordshire F & R Pratt 'The Hop Queen' Malachite Marbled Border Plate 1851 Prattware Pratt ware.

This superbly decorated plate was manufactured by the Staffordshire pottery of Felix and Richard Pratt and features the highly sought after and very collectable green Malachite marbled border. Introduced for the Great Exhibition of 1851, the plate features a color print of the engraving by Jesse Austin titled 'The Hop Queen', after an original painting by W.F. Witherington R.A. titled 'The Crown of Hops'.  It is highlighted with gilt accents and  a gilt rim and is one of a small series of very high quality pieces featuring well known works of art during the mid 19th century whose production is regarded as the apex of the factories production in terms of quality and color reproduction. A stand out addition to any collection of this factory or fine Victorian pottery. 

This plate is also illustrated in the excellent book "Pot Lids and other coloured printed Staffordshire wares" by K. V. Mortimer #315 - published by The Antique Collectors Club.

Condition:  Beautiful, no chips, no cracks

Measures: 9 3/4"