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19-20C Antique English Game Bird Pheasants & Snipe Liquor Keg Spirits Barrel IDEAL FOR LAMP


Brand Royal Staffordshire

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 This is one of several antique spirits barrels that has just arrived from England.  It is a creamy white/ivory colored Ceramic Barrel Bar -Back Dispenser with a different game bird depiction on front (Pheasants) and back (Snipe).  It is absolutely stunning.  

This fantastic spirits barrel dates to the late 19th ro early 20th Century.  It is vividly hand colored under glaze in a game bird scene. 

This come with a plastic tap, though I'm not sure if it will

 It would be perfect converted into a lamp!   In face I have two that I'm having made into lamps now.  
These are relatively hard to come by as many didn't survive over the years.  

Measures: approximately 12 3/8" tall x appx 11 1/3” wide x 7" deep.  

Condition: Good for age, there is a hairline on the bottom which comes up on one side a little (shown in pics).  It is stable and perfect for display or lamp conversion.  It comes with the lid also

interior photos:  Charles Faudree via Traditional Home converts a similar, smaller English barrel into a lamp for a bar

Last photo: Gail Clairidge converts a pair of the same kind, though different scene, into lamps for a sideboard.