Antique Staffordshire Early 19C Pair Pearlware Recumbent Deer Figurines


Brand Unknown

PRE-VICTORIAN Pearlware Deer

Circa 1800 to 1837

Here is a beautiful pair of recumbent Staffordshire Spotted Deer. Most Staffordshire figures made from 1740 to 1900 were produced by small potteries and makers' marks are generally absent.  These date to the earlier 1800’s 

This pair is rather large and each features mottled spotting, the one on the left being more prominent.  

Approximate dimensions: 6 “

Condition: The one on the left has some damage around the ears.  The on the  right has a broken piece which is taped in place but can be replied.  It has some cracks and damage at the ears and no antlers.