Royal Doulton Proverb Plate Handsome is that Handsome Does w/ English Setter


Brand Royal Doulton

 For consideration is this very hard to find, series ware collector plate by Royal Doulton depicting an English Setters or Springer Spaniel in an active hunt.  This series each have a dog and an old English proverb printed on the plate.  This plate reads Handsome is that handsome does

Measures 10"

Condition:  Overall very good.  There is a tiny sliver on the back that broke off and was glued back in place.  I have had this plate in my personal collection for some time and only just noticed the repair when I listed it.  I’ve included a photo.  You have to turn the plate on it’s side or over to see the repair.  It doesn’t show from the front/top.

Fully marked on back