Royal Doulton Series Ware Trophy Loving Cup – Pottery in the Past - Bottle Kiln & Making


Brand Royal Doulton

Designed by Graham Tongue for Royal Doulton this beautiful, dual handled loving cup was issued nearly 40 years ago under series RDICC.  It is predominantly brown and green with raised, hand painted under glaze scenes on each side.  One depicts Staffordshire bottle kilns and the other side depicts two women in the process of painting pottery.

For more than two centuries, Royal Doulton works have provided the high quality standard in ceramics, porcelain, glassware, giftware, and collectibles.  From its origins as a pottery studio in Lambeth, England, producing vases, covered jars, and outdoor statuary, the artisans and designers at Royal Doulton envisioned a magical world of exquisite, hand-painted pieces. Their creations include figurines born in the pages of literature, historical character jugs and figures, anthropomorphic animals, and superbly crafted housewares. Royal Doulton remains renowned for their excellent design, pioneering techniques, and artistry.

By 1930, Charles Noke was the leader of pottery production at RD in England.  After establishing other lines his attention moved to other forms of pottery decoration. One of these new lines was Doulton’s Limited Edition Jugs and Loving-Cups.
These limited editions commemorated legendary and folk lore heroes as well as national heroes. In 1933 two further commemorative wares celebrating the literary greats Wordsworth and Dickens were introduced. 


Measures 6" Tall

Condition: Excellent