Royal Tuder Ware "Olde England" Brown Polychrome Transferware Cereal Bowl


Brand Royal Tuderware

Vintage /Antique Brown Transferware Bowl
'Olde England'

Royal Tudor Ware Barker Brothers

Difficult to find!

For consideration is this charming transferware bowl by the Royal Tudor Ware potteries of Staffordshire England. It is perfectly sized for soups, cereals, salads or to use as a candy dish. It features a charming, bucolic scene set in a rural landscpe depicting a horse pulling a cart along a dirt path. There is a farmer to the left and a young boy and his father at the right. The scene is enveloped by large, old trees. The border is an ornate blend of roses and flowers along feathered scrollwork trimmed with a delicate 22k gold band.

Measures: appx 6" x 1.75" deep

This is a great piece to add to your collection of vintage English transferware or just as a decorative touch to your home!