RARE Set 12 British Castles 1934 Artist Signed Wedgwood Creamware Hand Painted Plates

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Brand Wedgwood

A very rare and Complete set of 12, Wedgwood Queens Ware Creamware Plates 

Hand Painted

Artist Signed and Titled

Circa June 1934

Each of these lovely plates feature a different castle, is hand painted in cobalt enamel, and signed by the artist A Holland who is Arthur Dale Holland, a prolific landscape artist working for Wedgwood at the time.  Each plate has a transfer printed stamp on the back, several impressed marks including date marks which date these to June 1934 and the name of each castle is written in hand by the artist on the back of the plate.

The plates are Queens Ware, Wedgwood's innovatory cream coloured earthenware named after the successful completion of his first commission for Queen Charlotte secured in the summer of 1765. With the delivery of 'A complete set of tea things' which included a dozen cups for coffee, six fruit baskets and stands, six melon preserve pots and six hand candlesticks, Josiah Wedgwood was permitted to title his cream coloured earthenware 'Queen’s Ware'. No evidence has been discovered to determine exactly when the service was delivered to London but it was evidently sometime before the 9 June 1766, when a notice in Aris Birmingham Gazette, (a pre-eminent Midlands newspaper) announced: "Mr Josiah Wedgwood, of Burslem, has had the honour of being appointed Potter to Her Majesty."

The plates have an intricate embossed Wellesley border of various fruits and wheat stalks.  Each of the blue painted castle landscapes is surrounded with a 2mm silver overlay, followed with a fine dark green outline and finally a wide mint green band.  The blues and greens play beautifully against one another as further evidenced in the table setting I've set for a Mother's Day brunch with 6 of the plates.  

They measure  10 3/4"

They are all in very good to excellent condition having only the subtlest signs of any use.  

Plates are hand titled on back:

Stirling, Carlisle, Rochestor, Whitby, Richmond, Alnwick, Ludlow, Kilchurn, Windsor, Chepstow, Barnard, Dumbarton