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Set of 3 Different Antique French Faince Victorian Multicolor Romantic Transferware Plates


Brand Creil Et Montereau

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Antique Opaque de Porcellain

Transfer printed in black and painted underglaze in green, blue, yellow and pink this set of plates was made by the Creil and Montereau Le Buef Milliet & Co. of France, which was a merger of the two facotries Creil & Montereau in 1840.  Each of the plates depicts a unique scene and title.

Vive Le Vin - Lively Wine depicting a young couple, the man seated and the woman with a glass of wine in hand and raising the other

Le Minuet - Midnight depicting a couple dancing

La Confidence - Confidential, depicting two ladies engaged in secret telling

 The production of the two earthenware factories remains similar until 1895, the year the factory in Creil closes after a fire. Production with the mark Creil et Montereau continued until 1920.

Marked with stamp: "Porcelaine opaque Creil et Montereau, médaille d'or 1834 et 1839, Lebeuf Millet et Cie" (Opaque porcelain Creil & Montereau, Gold medal 1834 and 1839, Lebeuf, Millet & Co.).

 Measures: 8 1/4"

Condition:  No chips or cracks, some crazing and minor glaze pops.