Stunning Antique Wedgwood Black Transferware Plate Wine Fruit Still Life Creamware Embossed Border

$39.99 $34.99

Brand Wedgwood

Details, details, details!  It's all in the details and that's just what this stunning plate is full of.  From Wedgwood, this antique creamware plate is transferprinted in black with an excellent meticulously engraved still life depicting a wine decanter, wine glass, paring knife and fruits including a pomegranate with a wedge cut out and laying on the table, grapes and flowers.  It is intricately bordered with first, a transfer printed lattice weave which extends to scrolls and small cartouches with a Tudor rose in the center.  This is bordered with about a 3mm gilt trim and outlined with a fine burgundy line.  The border is fancifully embossed with a scalloped rim trimmed also in burgundy.  Absolutely gorgeous!

Measures 8 3/4"

Condition: No chips, cracks , minimal crazing. 

Marked with both printed and impressed Wedgwood marks