Victorian China Aesthetic Movement Brown Transferware Plate Vase of Daisies Hand-painted shades of Aqua Green Yellow Orange RARE


Brand Sampson Hancock & Sons

Sampson Hancock and Sons


Circa 1880's

Aesthetic Movement Plate


Here is one of the prettiest Aesthetic Movement transferware plates I've come across. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and so unique blending hand painted shades of burnt orange, yellow, mint/lime green and aqua within the confined lines of the brown transfer pattern. Breathtakingly beautiful!

The Palmyra pattern is notable for its series of concentric borders and prominent daisy theme.
The daisies in a vase are in the centermost ring of the plates face and are then surrounded by five bands and borders culminating in a broad border of daisies, small flowers and leaves.

The diamond registry mark indicates that this pattern was registered February 2, 1883. It was made by Sampson Hancock and Sons in the 1880's. This firm was in business in the Staffordshire district between1857 - 1937 having factories at Tunstall, Shelton, and Hanley (at different times).

Measures: 10.5" (big enough to use as a charger or serving plate)

Condition: Beautiful! No chips or cracks. There is crazing present, typical and commensurate to age.

I have more than one available.

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