Vintage Advertising English Transferware Cheese Bell The Farmers Arms Poem God Speed the Plough


Brand Burleigh


The Farmers Arms Poem, "God Speed The Plough"

The poem is printed on one side flanked by sheaths of wheat and scrolls, and reads as follows:

God Speed The Plough

Let the wealthy and great

Dwell in splendour and state

I envy them not I declare it

I eat my own lamb

My own chickens and ham

I shear my own fleece and I wear it


I have lawns, I have bowers

I have fruit, I have flowers

The lark is my morning alarmer

So jolly boys now

Here's God speed the plough

Long life and success to the farmer


The opposite side depicts farmers and farming implements.

Black print with burgundy red, gold and blue.  Black trim around base.  Marked on bottom.


Measures: Under tray is appx 9.5" Dome is 8" diameter and stands 6"  to top of finial.

Condition: Very good,  crazing is present and minor discoloration around top of lid.  

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