Vintage Black English Transferware Footed Master Salt Cellar Pedestal Roses


Brand Maling

I absolutely love this pattern and very seldom am able to find these pedestal open salt cellars! The pattern is a rendition of Asiatic Pheasants (though this has the florals only)  and was made by Maling of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.  It is such a cute piece. It has an unusual, oval shape bowl atop a pedestal stand.  Dates as early as 1908 up to 1963 when the factory closed.  (probably 1920-30 era) 

I have one of these and use it to hold bobbi pins in my dressing area...a small handful fits perfectly in the bowl.  Also good for paper clips, thumb tacks...small office supplies, candies, mints, etc.  And of course it's great for it's intended purpose...salt!

Maling was in business from 1762 to 1963 and for most of those 200+ years were very adept to following popular tastes of the times.  Whether it be simple 18th century domestic wares, commercial stoneware canisters and packaging for Ringtons teas and Keiller marmalades, Victorian decorum or Jazz Age exuberance, they did it all.  When the Maling pottery did close in 1963 the pattern books showed in excess of 16,500 patterns that were produced!!  Unfortunately the pattern books and factory archives were sold off as scrap paper after closing so there is no history or photographical history of what all those patterns looked like.  According to the Maling collectors society you may find a piece of Maling that has not yet been documented.

Measures 2 1/8" tall x 2-7/8" x 1-3/4" 

Condition: No chips or cracks, some crazing 

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*last photo shows 5 colors...all available as of May 2017