Vintage Blue Transferware Oil & Vinegar + Platter Set Asiatic Pheasants Maling Pheasants Birds Roses


Brand Maling

Here is a hard to find, blue Transferware oil, vinegar and tray set  from Maling of England. The pattern is very much like Asiatic Pheasants, which was produced by a slew of English potters, and depicts pheasants and butterflies amongst a bouquet of flowers.

You can read more about Asiatic Pheasants at my blog, HERE.

The Maling potteries were in business from 1762 to 1963 and claimed, at one time, to be the largest pottery in the world.

The stamp on this teapot was in use by Maling between 1920 and 1963 when the factory closed. There are some variations of this stamp, including the words 'Made In England' which will always indicate that a piece was made after 1921.


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Condition is great, having no chips or cracks, just some typical age crazing and needs a good cleaning.

Measures: Bottles are 5 1/4" tall  with stoppers.  Tray is 7" x 4 1/2"