Vintage French Butcher Shop Silver Pewter Cow Plaque Sign with Meat Cuts Farmhouse Kitchen


Brand Nancy's Daily Dish

Absolutely perfect for your Farmhouse, French or English Country kitchen is this heavy, pewter (possibly stainless steel?) hanging plaque in the shape of a cow labeling all the various cuts of meat from the Chuck roast to a Hind Shank.  I found a brass one about 2 years ago and proudly have it in my kitchen where I've gotten many a compliment, so naturally when I came across another one I had to offer it one of you!  It's a great piece that you'd have seen hanging in a butcher shop window or on the wall.  Informative and decorative!  You'll love it!

Measures: 12 3/4" at longest (ear to tail) x 8 3/4" at tallest (top of head to bottom of feet) and is about 2 mm thick...not a thin, flimsy piece at all!  Sturdy and wonderful!

Condition:   There are no dings or bends, but some surface scratches...none that penetrate deeply.  It looks like it may have been used as a cheese or cutting plate based on the scratches.  I kind of like it that way...adds more vintage character!