Vintage Embroidered Roses Black Shawl Silk Scarf w/ Elaborate Black Beaded Trim


Brand Unknown

Stunning embroidered roses in pinks and reds on Black

Oblong V Shape Shawl with beautiful black beaded trim

55" x 20"

Great condition! No rips, tears or holes. The only flaw I found was one slightly loose spot on the bead.  The places in the photo where you cannot see all of the trim is only because some of it was turned under the shawl whenI photographed it.

I think it's silk but I am not sure...has a light, airy type of weight to it (with exception to the beads that give the scarf/shawl some weight?

This would be pretty as a wrap, or tied at the waist with the v hanging on one side over your hip.
And, as I love to do with would be pretty as a mantle or table scarf.