Vintage Hand Painted Distressed Wood Lap Top Writing Desk / Storage or Letter Box Hindged Lid


Brand Unknown

I recently picked this up at an estate sale.  My attention was immediately drawn to this as soon as my eyes fixed upon it!  It is an old (vintage or antique) letter box made of wood with a hinged lid.  It is slanted at an angle, which I surmise was for placing in the lap and writing letters.  It is nicely hand painted on the lifting lid with a book, a single flower and a pair of reading glasses.  It's absolutely charming!  It is in good shape with some possible water marks on the top that I think might wipe away with a wood cleaner, though they are really only noticeable with light hitting it at an angle which I tried to show in my photos.  There is one nick in the wood under the lid with I have also pointed out in the photo.  Other than this, it's just normal wear and tear.  I think about who painted this and how they probably stored writing supplies inside for lap top letter writing.