Vintage Royal Doulton Scottish Figurine The Piper in full Tartan Plaid Kilt w/ Bagpipes


Brand Royal Doulton

Vintage Royal Doulton Highlander Figurine 

The Piper

This is a beautiful figurine from Royal Doulton called Piper, HN 2907. It is the work of Michael Abberly. Hand made and hand decorated, marked on bottom as shown.  The traditional Scottish piper is wearing a kilt, sitting on a rock, playing his bagpipes. Most of the colors on this figurine are blues and greens.

And this very handsome character from Royal Doulton depicts a traditional Scottish piper wearing Highland clothing including  a tartan plaid kilt, wide cuffed socks, sporran and "Glengarry bonnet." 

Condition: No chips, no cracks,excellent

measurements: 8" tall

Perfect for your English or Scottish Country decor!  I have one of these and The Laird (pictured in last photo) in my collection which I display with my Caledonian Tartan Plates!

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