Wedgwood Ferrara Plum Purple Transferware Plate Clipper Ship Scene with Stunning Blue Bells Phlox Border Nautical Decor Sailing Decor


Brand Wedgwood

Wedgwood Etruria Transferware Plate

Scenic Purple / Plum / Mulberry Transferware

For consideration I am offering this beautiful plate in the pattern entitled Ferarra from Englands famed Wedgwood potteries. Theis piece features a a stunning ship/port scene surrounded by a beautiful floral border consisting of Blue Bells and Phlox. .Absolutely beautiful vintage purple/plum transfer!

It is marked on the back : Ferrara Etruruia England Wedgwood
It is also impressed with the following: 8A80 Wedgwood Made In England

Excellent condition!

Measures appx 8.5" (just under)