William Morris 🐇 Rabbit Hand Crafted English Tapesty Wall Plaque on Padded Board


Brand Traditional Tapestries

Morris is recognised as one of the most significant cultural figures of  Victorian Britain.  His textile and wallpaper designs are still produced and highly regarded today and he was a major figure of the Arts and Crafts Movement.  He was best known in his lifetime as a poet, although he posthumously became better known for his designs. The William Morris Society founded in 1955 is devoted to his legacy, while multiple biographies and studies of his work have been published. Many of the buildings associated with his life are open to visitors, much of his work can be found in art galleries and museums, and his designs are still in production.

This medieval tapestry reproduction  is taken from one of his designs, which were heavily influenced by the 15th Century Medieval period, which he studied at Oxford.  The original wall tapestries are the most celebrated set to have come down from the medieval period.  They are housed in the Cluny Museum in Paris.

This charming tapestry was made in Cornwall by Traditional Tapestries.  It is on a board / wood completely covered on back with a burlap type fabric.  The top is padded and all sides trimmed with gimp.  This would make not only a nice piece for your wall but would be cute to add bun feet and turn it into a footstool.

Measures: 9.25" square x appx 1.25" thick 

Condition: excellent, retains historical info and tag on back