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WWII Artillery Shelly Basket RARE Umbrella Walking Stick Holder


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This type of basket was used during both World Wars I and II to transport artillery shells and are quite collectible, not only by collectors of military memorabilia, but by decorators and home decor enthusiasts.  I am fortunate to have found two of them, both I have used for years.  I use one for storing  breadboards and cookie sheets.  The other I used as an umbrella and walking stick stand as it contains the 4 original metal lock top canisters secured within the basket.   This is the one shown and which I am offering for sale here.
This photo came from an archive of AP, UPI and other news services.  These artillery baskets were used in the WWI Siege of Antwerp.
This circa 1916, WWI  photo is of a 
German ammunition caisson (cart) knocked out by shell fire.  You can see the dead horse in front of the cart, and to the lower left side of the photo are spent wicker baskets which held artillery shells. 

The Ehrhardt Limber below can be seen and learned more about at which has a fascinating page dedicated to the types of basketry used in war and defense.  

 Images above and below can be found HERE