Vntg Wedgwood Rolling Hills and Grasslands Artist Signed Plate Ltd Ed & Hand Numbered


Brand Wedgwood

Sold individually, I am offering a set of 8 vintage decorative Wedgwood plates by British artist Colin Newman in a series called Country Panorama.  Each plate depicts a vividly coloured bucolic scene of the British countryside complete with fields, streams, flowers and fauna, insects and animals of all sorts.  The detail is stunning and each plate is in itself its own work of art.  Plates are signed on the front and hand numbered on the back.  Please see photo of back of plate for more details.  This one is called Eilling Hills and Grasslands and was released in 1988.  Plates were fired for a limited time of only 150 days.  This plate is numbered, by hand, 6618D


Measures appx 8"

Condition: Like new