Antique Blue Border Pratt Ware Transferware Plate Gilt & Blue Border "Lend A Bite"


Brand Pratt

Prattware Staffordshire Polychrome Transferware Plate

For consideration is this early Prattware plate depicting a group of 5 people plus a smiling dog and a scared looking monkey and the title "Lend a Bite". One young man appears to be taking a bite of a piece of fruit from another young man while a young lady looks on. Another man sits on a rock or tree stump with a monkey at his feet. To complete the scene a long-haired friendly looking dog is staring at a seemingly frightened monkey! Beautiful blue sky with white puffy clouds and a gray/blue mountain for the background. The superb detail and rich colors of this piece make it highly collectible. Prattware was first produced in 1840 and the lids of these pieces are particularly sought after and frequently framed for display.The detail is fantastic and beautifully colored. It is bordered with a blue band and brown / gold Greek and acanthus border.


Condition:  Beautiful, no chips, no cracks

Measures: 8 3/8"

Hanging Disc on back

Plate shown in photo of two is listed separately