Copeland Spode Black Transferware Charger Plate Stunning Architectural Border Chicago University Ryerson Laboratory


Brand Spode Copeland

        • Here is a stunning black transferware plate by Spode / Copeland, circa 1931 featuring one of the fabulous buildings on the campus of Chicago University. This plate depicts the Ryerson Laboratory.

      • Completed in 1894, Ryerson housed the physics and mathematics department as well as the associated department of mathematical astronomy.

        Ryerson's laboratories were state of the art facilities for that time. The building was designed to optimize experimental conditions. To minimize vibrations from outside which could interfere with experiments, Ryerson was built with exceptionally solid construction. The building had an extra heavy foundation, heavy slate wall shelves and piers of masonry for the first floor laboratories. Basement laboratories were lined with thick cork to control the moisture level.

    •   The custom designed border is composed of Gothic architectural decoration with three cartouche like vignettes of the University enveloped by trailing ivy.


Measures: 10.25"

Condition: Beautiful! No chips or cracks, some crazing


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