Vintage English Brown Transferware Plate Mother Child Dog Woodcutter Rural Scenes


Brand AJ Wilkinson

Vintage Brown Transferware Plate
A J Wilkinson / Rural Scenes

Royal Staffordshire Pottery

Rare & Very Difficult to find!

For consideration I am offering this stunning polychrome brown transferware plate in the rarely seen pattern 'Rural Scenes' by AJ Wilkinson/Royal Staffordshire of Burslem England. This is one of the most beautiful scenic patterns ever produced on transferware. The brown transfer has hand painted touches of color in burgundy, olive green and golden taupe...all under glaze.

This piece features a quaint rural scene depicting two men chopping down a large tree, while a Mother and her children sit on another huge log freshly cut...a small boy has one leg up over the log as he tries to climb atop. To the right a woman blances upon her head a bundle of small twigs tied together. To the left is a small dog and further back a horse drawn cart is preparing to pull an already loaded log from the forest.

The border is a stunning blend of farm tools, plows, rakes, and shovels intertwined with berries and ivy...also one of the most unique and beautiful borders!

Appx 10" diameter, excellent condition with age appropriate crazing only.