Circa 1820-35 Rare Pink Green Transferware Dinner Plate New Stone China Roses Priory HMJ


Brand Hicks Meigh Johnson

Circa 1822-35 Pink enamelled green transferware plate depicting a Priory and boat

Hicks, Meigh & Johnson 

This dinner sized plate is simply stunning in green and pink!  The green transfer depicts an old Priory set among lush gardens nestled up to a lake where there is a boat in the foreground.  The plate has an enamelled pink border which pops against the green.  

This famous Staffordshire potter operated the Broad Street Works located in Shelton, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.  The company was formed around 1807 with just Job Meigh II and his brother in lat Richard Hicks.   They had a travelling salesman / rep that they took on as a partner in 1820 and that is Thomas Johnson.  They are recognised for winning the gold medal of The Society of Arts in 1823 for inventing an earthenware glaze free from lead.

Did you notice the beautiful shape of the plate?  Because items made of ironstone were thick and heavy, the shape of the dishes became important. In the 1840s, James Edwards, John Ridgway and the Mayer Brothers introduced all white, beautifully glazed dinner ware with angular shapes that deviated from the gentle curves that had been traditionally used. In 1844, John Ridgway & Co. patented a design called "Classic Gothic," a hexagonal shape with crown finials and scrolled arches. Other potteries offered variations on the "gothic" design during the 1840s.  Truly an exquisite piece even for the most selective of collectors.


Measures 10"

Condition: Minor rough spots and tiny nick around outer rim.  Stilt marks, minor glaze pops (common during production of this time period), crazing

Marked H M J Priory